June 23, 2024

Out of Context (Part 3) – Rules of Engagement In Islam

In Part 3 of the interview with Dallas-based Pastor Mike Baughman, Imam Omar Suleiman debunks erroneous interpretations of what has become popularly known as “the verse of the sword” from chapter nine of the Quran, Surat At-Tawba. That verse (loosely translated as “slay them wherever you find them and fight them until they say there is no God but Allah”) was specifically addressing certain bedouin tribes who had reneged on their peace treaties with the Muslims, according to Suleiman. He explains that Prophet Muhammad’s actions contradict this false interpretation of this verse, which is abused in exactly the same way by both the Islamophobes and the religious extremists.

Omar Suleiman

Spirituality and Da‘wah Specialist. President, Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research. Co-Creator, “Inspiration Series”. Founder, Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs. Resident Scholar, Valley Ranch Islamic Center. Co-Chair, Faith Forward Dallas. Bachelor’s in Islamic Law. Master’s in Islamic Finance. Master’s in Political History. Completing PhD in Islamic Thought and Civilization.

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