July 21, 2024

Out of Context (Part 14) – Do Muslims Support ISIS?

In Part 14 of the interview, Shaykh Omar takes questions from the audience. When it comes to condemning acts of terrorism like San Bernardino for instance, every mosque and pulpit spoke against it, says Sheikh Omar Suleiman. But we must call out the implied racism in the expectation itself. When Dylann Roof shot worshippers in a black church, or when a white supremacist bombs an abortion clinic in the name of Christianity, do we expect all white Christian Americans to condemn it or else accuse them of complicity? As a Muslims we're not responsible for such atrocities, we're just as hurt by them. Hundreds of Muslims died in 9/11 too. We reject the collective guilt and condemn such acts not because we believe we’re guilty, but to distance ourselves and teach our congregation. But at the end of the day the media chooses what to cover and how to cover it. Muslims are in fact the greatest victims of ISIS which is why ironically public figures receive death threats from both ISIS and the Islamophobes. Extremists always synchronize.

Omar Suleiman

Spirituality and Da‘wah Specialist. President, Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research. Co-Creator, “Inspiration Series”. Founder, Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs. Resident Scholar, Valley Ranch Islamic Center. Co-Chair, Faith Forward Dallas. Bachelor’s in Islamic Law. Master’s in Islamic Finance. Master’s in Political History. Completing PhD in Islamic Thought and Civilization.

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