April 25, 2024

Out of Context (Part 11) – Is Jesus Christ Divine?

In Part 11 of the interview, Shaykh Omar takes questions from the audience. The best way to alter the public perception of Muslim women in the West, says Sheikh Omar Suleiman, is for them to continue to be out there and for thriving, successful Muslim women to engage fully in their communities. Regarding the debate over the divinity of Jesus, a study of early Christianity will reveal that it was far from monolithic. As Muslims, we hold Christ in high esteem, we view him as one of God's greatest messengers who came to confirm the law of Moses, we even believe that he is the Messiah, but we do not believe that he is God or the son of God. Finally, regarding the virgins awaiting the faithful in heaven, the number 72 is merely metaphorical to denote multitude. In the context of the revelation of the Quran, the notion of having multiple spouses in heaven is related to the idea that heaven is what you want it to be. At the time it was revealed, the whole world was largely polygamous, so having many spouses was very desirable.

Omar Suleiman

Spirituality and Da‘wah Specialist. President, Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research. Co-Creator, “Inspiration Series”. Founder, Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs. Resident Scholar, Valley Ranch Islamic Center. Co-Chair, Faith Forward Dallas. Bachelor’s in Islamic Law. Master’s in Islamic Finance. Master’s in Political History. Completing PhD in Islamic Thought and Civilization.

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