June 14, 2021

Living with the Prophet peace be upon him: Practical lessons in life: Part 1

Ihab Saad

Dr. Ihab Saad is Professor of Construction Management and an alumnus of the University of Kentucky in Lexington where he received his Ph.D. in 1996. He received his Bachelor in Science & Master in Civil Engineering from Cairo University in his native country Egypt in 1984, and 1993 respectively. He has taught at his Alma Mater, the University of Kentucky, in addition to Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, and most recently at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio where he was voted “Faculty of the Year”in June 2011. In addition to his professional career, Dr. Ihab is kown among the Muslim community with his dedication to the Prophetic Seerah (Biography) and Tafseer (interpretation of Quran) among many other areas of the Islamic Knowledge.

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  • Part #01: Assalamalaikum Rahmatullah.
    We should try our best to follow the foot steps of Prophet. The tirade against Muslims is spear headed by power hungry political leaders. See the cartoon drama staged in the Netherlands. Muslims respect all the Prophets & Messengers of Allah and they can’t even think of such low acts specially for a person who is not alive to defend himself. This act shows the level to which these so-called civilized establishments have gone down. It is good to see how Muslims kept their cool & refrained from any un-civilzed response.
    May Allah guide everyone to the right path.

  • Al salamu alaikum,
    Alhamdulillah. I joined this amazing class a month ago. It is currently in its second season. I love the details and the in depth explanations.

    After watching the first 15 lectures, I just had to go back to the beginning again and watch the episodes again in order to extract more info and hold even more content.

    I love Dr Ihad Saad for the sake of Allah. He is a jewel in the Triangle community. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta-alla grant him the highest level of Jannah (Firdous Al Aa-lla) and make from his progeny and students people who will continue this important work.


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